Recycled Building Materials

Recycling building materials is something Parsons Family Homes has always believed in because it coincides with our efforts to conserve energy and promote recycling. Our projects have an organized recycling program to separate construction waste. In the process of removing older homes for replacement with new homes, our company saves as much as possible of the older larger dimension lumber. This material has a patina and character that cannot be duplicated with newer stock. We use this material for timber frame accents, feature walls, floors, furniture and decorative ceilings which give our homes a unique character that cannot be bought at the local building store.
  • Sun room from recycled wood

    Sun room ceiling and interior walls make use of recycled 6×8’s from 1920’s log home and 1×8 boards from 1950 chicken barn.

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  • Reclaimed wood custom door created for Lake House in Lake Country BC by Parsons Family Homes

    Custom Wood Furniture & More

    We also build custom furniture and other wood creations from reclaimed and recycled wood products to accompany our new builds and renovations. Have a look at some of our latest creative projects.

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